About Us

Cooney’s Mountain Mustard didn’t start the way that most businesses get their start.  It didn’t start with a dream, it didn’t start with a need, and it didn’t start with a business plan.  What it did start with was a whole bunch of peppers, and a couple from a small town in the mountains of Potter County who never intended to start second careers.

In the beginning, making the spicy pepper mustard was simply a way for Denny and Kim Cooney to use up the extra peppers that they grew in their garden.   They experimented with different ways to use the peppers and hit upon a winner with the tangy pepper mustard relish.  They found that the relish went great both as a dip for pretzels, as a topping for crackers and cheese, or on burgers and hot dogs.  In fact, it seemed like the more things they tried, the more uses they discovered.

The Cooney’s shared their various experiments with their friends and family in and around their small town of Austin, Pennsylvania.  It seemed that the more jars they shared, the more jars they needed.

After much encouragement from family and friends to begin producing their mustard on a larger scale, Kim began to research how to become licensed as a food producer with the PA Department of Agriculture, and Denny started to work on a plan to take the production to the next level

Unfortunately, what their growing fan base couldn’t agree on was what to call their tangy creation.  Was it a sauce or a relish; was it more pepper or mustard?  Finally in September of 2004, after months of planning, preparation and debate, Cooney’s Mountain Mustard was born.  Since that time the business has continued to grow with the tireless help and support of their son, parents, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, extended family, and close friends.  They have added a new "MILD" version of the mustard as a result of multiple requests.  The mustard is available at numerous locations throughout Pennsylvania.

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